This is not just my job. this is my passion

Creative Sound Engineer with 10 years of production sound recording experience. Versatile and adaptable with passion for bringing director's ideas and actors dialogs to reality. Takes direction well and works both independently and in team environments. Hardworking and reliable sound mixer with strong ability in recording highest quality audio. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with a team-oriented mentality.
Previous experience working under Oscar-winning and world-renown sound mixers.
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I have had the pleasure of working on many high quality projects, and whilst copyright restrictions don't allow me to show many entire projects, here are some samples that include sound that I recorded the audio for that are being exhibited in the public domain. Many times I received feedback from post production saying that the quality of my recording on location has been a great asset, and that I had managed to eliminate many of the perceived problems that they were expecting especially with material that was recorded in difficult environments. In addition to the dialogue, extra sounds and ambiance that I have recorded on location are often used in the final sound design
TV series

Lucifer season 5 (Netflix)

Hawkeye (Marvel)

The Resident (Fox)

Naomi (DC)

Dave season 2 ( FX )

Doom Patrol (HBOMax)

Stargirl ( DC Universe )

Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun (Netflix)

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)


The Potwins(TV Series 2021)

Light as a Feather

Feature films
Christmas in Harmony (Hallmark)

The Valet

Don't Worry Darling
( Olivia Wilde)

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) Netflix
Sightless (2020) Netflix

Infamous (2019) ( Union) Action film was shot in Oklahoma

Sightless (2019) Drama theatrical ( Cooper Karl)

Four Good Days

Free Lunch Express

Cerebrum (2019) Si-Fi (Black Velvet films)

The Killing Of Kenneth Chamberlain (David Midell)

No place like home ( Lifetime TV)

The Last Wish (Timorthy Woodward Jr. )

The Mother In Law (Nigel Thomas)

Tone-Deaf (Richard Bates Jr.)

Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge (Doug Campbell)

La maison des secrets (Doug Campbell)

Snowbound (Olia Oparina)
Reality shows
Indian matchmaking (2019)

Celebrity Big Brother (2019)

First time flippers HD (2019)

Buried In The Backyard (2019)

Ghoul Gang Slumber Party ( Pilot ) 2018

Downunder Horsemanship
(TV program )

Isina ( 1 season 8 episodes )

Moldonazar ( Music band US tour )
Audi Atlanta

Top Golf (2019)

Pepsi Mixology (Henry Behel)

Mickey Fine Testimonials (Monty Miranda)

Cirque Du Soleil (AD.JUST Production House)

TopGolf Miami (Nik Kleverov)

Herschel Supply Co

VR 360
Lyft Las Vegas VR360 (VRPlayhouse)

Vintage Point

Psychopathology and the DSM (Genius Pictures)

Broadcaster Royale (NGE)

ROCK & ROLL CHEF (O'Malley Productions)

I try to keep my rates competitive and fair with respect to the current industry standard rates and my fellow production sound mixers.

If you have a projected budget for sound, please include that information when you contact me.

I have worked with productions of all sizes and will always do my best to work within your budget confines (within reason).
Therefore I am open to discussing numbers in an attempt to fit your budget and will do so on a project to project basis.
I own and work with top-quality sound recording equipment, it means I am always ready for the next challenge and I will provide the best audio quality for your projects.
Sonosax RX4 +
Sonosax SX-R4+ Multitrack Recorder super high quality preamps. Pristine quality mic pres
The ability to record high-quality poly wav files that includes 2 mix tracks and up to 10 ISO tracks.
The ability to synchronize the timecode and distribute the sound to the camera, which makes it possible to greatly simplify and maximize the process of post-production.
Lectrosonics Wireless
Lectrosonics is the manufacturer of the world's best wireless systems for lav microphones. And this model is produced in a very long time without any changes and is used in high-budget projects. Because it proved that it is the standard of reliability and stability of the signal even at great distances and high sound quality.
MKH 50
Super-cardioid microphone designed for use as a soloist's or spot microphone for applications requiring a high degree of side-borne sound muting and feedback rejection. Frequency-independent directional characteristics.
DPA 4060
DPA is the manufacturer of some of the best microphones in the world. And this proves that many famous musicians and singers choose DPA microphones, as well as they, are widely used in the film industry. Since they convey the entire voice range of the actor without any distortion.
Schoeps CMIT 5U
The Schoeps CMIT 5U has set a new standard for shotgun microphones since its release. The CMIT 5's directionality increases smoothly with higher frequencies, which results in a very balanced sonic character. In addition, the microphone's sound level decreases softly yet steadily for off-axis sounds, allowing these to be recorded neutrally as well as reducing the effects of movement during boom operation.
Sennheiser G3
Sennheiser Producer of professional radio systems. Allows you to transfer high-quality sound of the camera which greatly simplifies and speeds up the editing process and often allows you to use the sound on the camera even for the final video.
Highly accurate time code and word clock generator (sync box)
Wireless system Comtek is very popular in the film industry and are used on all film sets from low to high budget. Comtek provides audio from the set to director, producer and script supervisor.
Wireless time code slate in slim, lightweight and durable design
I've also got access to further options through rental houses or my close network of freindly sound recordists, production mixers, boom operators and assistants.

Every shoot has different requirements, and you're not likely to require everything I have,

so kit packages are quoted on a per job basis.

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